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   History and Purpose
The American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries, Inc. was officially incorporated in January 2005. The membership of the AACCS, Inc. is currently composed of fifteen institutions located in the continental United States and Puerto Rico, including Bible colleges, universities, and seminaries. Each member school is clearly identified with the historic Christian fundamentalist tradition. The AACCS, Inc. has been built upon a strong heritage of cooperation among professional educators. The American Association of Christian Colleges was established in 1985. It developed out of earlier efforts as a focused division of the American Association of Christian Schools, an organization with which the AACCS, Inc. maintains a strong working relationship. In 1990 the AACC voted to change the name to American Association of Christian Colleges and Seminaries in order to more accurately reflect the expanding nature of its membership. The association, previously functioning as an informal fellowship, was officially incorporated in 2005, becoming AACCS, Inc.

The AACCS, Inc. exists to provide a network for professional training in administrative principles of higher education, support for the evaluation of academic progress among member schools, and personal support for the administrators of member schools. The Annual Meeting is held each February to allow opportunity for personal fellowship, professional development, and addressing cooperative efforts. A special track for AACCS, Inc. is provided at the National Legislative Conference sponsored each September in Washington, D. C. by the American Association of Christian Schools. Throughout the year smaller focus groups are able to interact for additional professional development and program enhancement in the areas of their particular interest (e.g. human resources, student services, library services, etc.). While not formally AACCS, Inc. events, the Bible faculty and administration of member schools also participate in the Bible Faculty Summit (July) and the Presidentsí Prayer Advance (August), respectively.

Officers of the AACCS, Inc. are elected at the Annual Meeting to handle the day-to-day administrative operations of the association. The AACCS, Inc. officers elected are president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer.
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